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  Our studio is under the guidance of Master Iconographer, Vivian Karayiannis

Our studio is under the guidance of Master Iconographer, Vivian Karayiannis

“Our Mission is to provide traditional and contemporary sacred artwork for worship spaces as well as individuals, and art patrons.  We have a true love for our vocation and we are aiming to bring spiritually stimulating artwork into the worship environments  that inspires and brings closer the seeker with the higher, heavenly reality and awakens the soul to the wonders of God.  We will work closely with you to create small to wall scale paintings on wood panels or canvas." 




Annunciation Cathedral, Houston, TX

St. Basil Orthodox Church, Houston, TX

St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, Houston, TX

St. Teresa Catholic Church, Sugar Land, TX

 and for Numerous Churches in Greece


Private Collections:

His Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios of America

His Eminence, Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver

His Eminence, Bishop Basil of Wichita and Mid-America

His Eminence, The Most Reverend Joseph, Archbishop of New York & Metropolitan of All North America

Monastery of Holy Archangels, Kendalia, TX

Numerous Private Collectors



We create traditional and contemporary inspirational artworks.

An icon is not simply a piece of art, but it carries a lot of spiritual meaning in our lives. The difference between an icon and a portrait is the image of a person who is united with God.  The first icon was the "Mandelion of Edessa" on which Christ's face was miraculously imprinted. 

You can commission such a gift individually, with a group of parishioners or in coordination with your church.

We can discuss any thoughts you have on commissioning an original inspirational hand-painted icon or a mural.


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Original hand-painted icons, commissioned as a gift for your church is a wonderful way to add artistic inspiration that enriches the environment for worship, beautifies your church and gives back to the entire community.

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