Please share your vision of religious art with us. Whether you are looking for a traditional Byzantine or inspirational contemporary artwork, small or large, for your home or church or for a beautiful gift reflecting God's goodness. We will work closely with you to create a unique inspiring piece of fine art.



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St. Athanasius of Alexandria

St. Athanasius of Alexandria

The Right Reverend C. Andrew Doyle

Bishop of Texas



St. Christoper's Episcopal Church

houston, Texas

"Our Lady of Joy" is displayed at the St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

"Our Lady of Joy" is displayed at the St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

"Our Lady of Perpetual Help" Commissioned by St. Teresa's Catholic Church and private collector

"Our Lady of Perpetual Help" Commissioned by St. Teresa's Catholic Church and private collector

St. Mary's University

Emmitsburg, Maryland


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Painting Technique

 Windows into Heaven, sacred art is the fruit of long work requiring patience, experience and talent. The materials used for making an icon respected as God created them to be used from the mineral, plant or organic world. They too are called to participate in the transfiguration of the cosmos, since the task of the artist is to spiritualize even our tangible reality.

 The board, called the “support,” serves as the base of the icon and requires for itself alone a long and tedious preparation. Several layers of "real" gesso, a mixture of chalk and rabbit glue, are applied. The painting depends on a well-prepared board to help preserve it from atmospheric conditions that may often vary considerably. Choosing a good quality wood is very important. Bass, poplar or birch are good choices. The next step is to transfer a sketch of the Saint or scene we are going to paint.
 Gold gilding is a very delicate procedure and requires great experience. Gold is the most precious and durable of all metals.  It transcends time without tarnishing. It symbolizes perfection, beauty, and brilliance. Gold leaf ranges from 12 carat white gold to 24 carat. The entire background is covered with genuine 23K gold leaf; this complex procedure is mastered only with practice. The gold symbolizes our spiritual nature.
 Egg tempera is the basic medium in icon painting. By using egg yolk diluted with water, and adding natural pigments we paint in successive layers of color, creating subtle gradations from dark to light. Acrylics or industrial colors should not be used because they not only fail to reflect the color tones but they also fade after a while. The natural pigments retained their original color, allowing us to admire the artwork throughout the years.


Icon Painting Creation



A commissioned Icon is an eternal gift to your Church, one that will last for centuries and cherished by the entire community. You can make such a gift individually, with a group of parishioners, or in coordination with your church. There is no limit to the size or shape or decorative elements.  The icon is tailored to your specifications. For churches, original commissioned icons can be reproduced in limited edition quantity and can be sold and used to finance the creation of the original commissioned work.

Prices vary according to complexity, subject matter and size. Portable icons are priced from $14 to $20 per square inch. Murals are priced from $1500 to $3000 per square feet. Themes can range in complexity from Single Figures, to Multiple Figure, to Feasts, or Complex Scenes. The price includes materials, board/canvas, 24k gold leaf, and painting. Creating an original icon or mural to specifications is a lengthy process, which normally takes between 3-8 months. Please visit our Painting Techinque page to learn more about our process. 


Payment can be made by check or via Paypal. At the actual commencement of work, the client will be sent a contact agreement and an invoice, at which time, a deposit of one third or half of the total amount is due. This deposit covers the expenses of preliminary work and materials, and is not refundable. For large projects, special payment arrangements can be made upon request.

The second installment is due upon completion or upon delivery.  Packing, insurance and shipping are extra and will be billed separately.  

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